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Three 2014 fashion trends in hair accessories for the retailers

It is a fact that the style and condition of your hair can greatly affect the overall appearance. You can try different hairstyles by using different hair accessories in order to create a new look. Then what is the fashion trend in hair accessories? The trend planet is dynamic and variations which are recorded every last other working day. If you are a wholesaler in the marketplace, it indicates that you have to stay in contact with the most current trend developments in order to buy wholesale costume jewelry that fulfill the best and newest traits. The following will be the latest trends in hair accessories.


Bobby pins

Bobby pins with bright color are the perfect, easy accessory to add some color and fair to any hairstyle. Whether you are pulling your hair back into a ponytail or simply leaving it loose, using a few bright pins to clip your hair will give your style a refined edge and get your through any holiday party.

Ribbon headband

A ribbon headband with jewelry can make you have a simple hair style and it will not take you so much time to your hairstyle. If possible, some loose curls will be perfect for this look with the ribbon headband. Ribbon headband has been regarded as must-have hair accessories for fashionable women.

Floral headband

The floral headband is an important factor added to a simple and sleek hairstyle. If you are going for a straightforward bun this holiday season, add a floral or bejeweled headband can add you extra brilliant. You can also combine with some charming accessories to create your own style.

Star-shaped hair accessories

Maybe you have fall in love with the minimalist style bobby pins used in the show, but please do not neglect the star-shaped hair accessories from the latest jewelry collection. It is time to add a supernatural sparkle to your look. See how it adapts to the shape of the head and creates a fairy-tale style effect.

All these hair accessories can be seen on the runway so many times this year. You can take trends from runway to everyday by supplying exquisite wholesale fashion hair accessories. And there are scores of companies for you to choose from. To ensure that you deal the best deal and cheap price, it is recommended that you make a comparative analysis by visiting couple of stores online, which in this way, can you catch the trend in hair accessories this year.

In the mainstream of fashion jewelry, Viennois has held its own view to create unique fashion style, which has been treated as company culture. From selecting to matching, from color to materials, Viennois has its own inspection rules. To get more knowledge about fashion or wholesale costume jewelry, please connect with me on facebook or Google+.

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