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Viennois have more than 10 years of expertise in jewelries and accessories in china. have own design, manufacturing , through ISO9000.
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Our products are from viennois factories, then ship to you, save a lot of money for you.
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We have own professional jewelry design team And the designs is from forefront of fashion.

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Product Name The Best Sale Syria Russian Style Swan Shaped Collar Necklace The Best Luxembourg Alloy Champagne Collar Necklace
V5308889 V5308857
Detail Item Specifications Item Specifications
SKU V5308889 SKU V5308857
Category Collar Necklace Category Collar Necklace
Country of Origin China Country of Origin China
Main Gemstone typeSimulated Swarovski Crystal Main Gemstone typeOpal
ElectrogildingRhodium Plated ElectrogildingRose Gold Plated
Regional StylesRussian style Regional StylesEuropean style
Jewelry MetalAlloy Jewelry MetalAlloy
Main ColourDark Blue Main Colourchampagne
Hot ElementSwan Shaped
Net Weight 0.01KG / Pieces Net Weight 0.01KG / Pieces
Availability 42 Pieces 50 Pieces

Slender drop, simple collocation, and the fine material shows the elegance and the grace of the woman, which also make the drop jewelry keep the fashion all the time in the fashion world.

Rhodium is one of the very precious matals in the world, and many expensive items are made of it. The plated jelwelry also becomes the very good choice for the lady because of its high quality and beautiful appearance and elegance.

Cleaning job on necklace
With the topic of caring necklace daily, the point you need to remember is that you should take off your necklace lightly and softly. And then you need to use soap and warm water to clean it. After cleaning, you need to dry it in a short time.
Design for your unique idea
If you have your own design idea, you can speak it out, and viennois-online will provide you first-class designers to achieve you idea so that you can own your unique necklace in the world. And also you can also tell designers your story and intention to form your own special necklace.

Opal is a kind of extremely precious colored gems, which is also the symbol of hope, fidelity, purity and good luck. At the same time, it also has the ability to disperse light into flashes of rainbow color.

Champagne jewelry is good in looking and romantic in sense of fashion. Because of the champagne color is soft in looking and warm in feeling, so jewelry in this color is romantic in sense of fashion too much.

Right size is important
Not all the people can wear necklace in the same size, so the size of necklace is so important that it depends your taste. If you have a long and slim neck, you just choose necklace in a slim line and free in color. But if you have chunky neck, you had better choose suitable size for yourself to give out your beauty.
Ability to do OEM
Just because Viennois-online has qualified products, so many international famous brands are willing to build partnership with Viennois for a so long time. In the fashion jewelry industry, the one who dare to receive OEM order is competent in design and manufacturing.

MSRP US$ 33.61 /Pieces US$ 13.20 /Pieces
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Jewelry Article

Good ideas on choosing good wholesale jewelry

All the women are fond of buying wholesale jewelry, because it has always been associated with beauty, which can be also used in some important occasions, as well as the perfect gifts for your beloved. This article aims to teach you some tips to buy some good jewelry.


If you buy your jewelry in the physical stores, you should try and wear the jewelry once to see if it will hang on your right. Besides, it is also very necessary for you to get a better idea of the piece’s durability. Also think carefully about what stores you want in your jewelry. The gemstones will match your skin color and fit to your personality. On the whole, neutral colors work better to match all your clothing and you can choose the style you like and it is comfortable for you to wear.

However, if you do your purchase online, then you need to ask the sellers before you make a purchase about what kinds of treatments your jewelry used. A treatment will make a difference on how to care for your gemstone. It is a fact that everyone would like to buy a valuable piece which can be worn for so many years to come. So please make sure all your confusion has been settled down. By the way, do you often prefer the wholesale stud earrings? It has been a current trend in the fashion world and maybe you can also take a consideration about its purchase. This is because that such kinds of earring are very appropriate and great for the party and when you are dating and it can also add some glamorous and unique touch to all of you.

As mentioned above, jewelry can also be a cherished gift if you can present it in a proper way. Make full use of the every jewelry piece through learning to identify a great piece and a great deal. The more you learn, the better your taste you will become. Hope you can get the good jewelry you are longing for.

In the mainstream of fashion jewelry, Viennois has held its own view to create unique fashion style, which has been treated as company culture. From selecting to matching, from color to materials, Viennois has its own inspection rules. To get more knowledge about fashion or wholesale necklaces, please connect with me on facebook or Google+.