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Tips for you to find high quality turquoise rings

What will come to your mind when you hear the words of turquoise rings? Maybe the answer is American southwest. Yes, it is the place having thousands of year’s tradition about the turquoise. But now turquoise has been spread around the world and there is no exception for China. Do you know how to identify natural turquoise and get the best wholesale turquoise rings?

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1. Look for a supplier with good reputation.

Deal with reputable suppliers, avoiding purchasing turquoise from sources that are unknown to you. You can also if the stone has been treated in any way, which can give you a way to know if it is an imitation. You can also choose the supplier that specializes in turquoise. Some researchers are needed before you buy to make sure they are reliable. If possible, ask for written documentation of the authenticity of your turquoise rings.

2. Look at the color of the stone.

The most valuable turquoise is clear blue without any greenish cast or veins in it. Please also check the condition of the stone to make sure there has no chips or fractures. Fake or low quality turquoise is a pale, chalky stone injected with dye. The bad or fake stuff often appears clear, as if you can see through it. On the contrary, the good stuff carries a more solid, opaque quality to it. Natural turquoise tends to change color when it is exposed to oils, light and perspiration. Of course, this is also the most expensive type.

3. Learn to identify turquoise.

Turquoise mines are located all over the world, and each mine produces stones that have distinctive colors and markings. For example, chalk turquoise is mined in China. It is white and porous, so it must be stabilized and dyed. Also, sleeping beauty turquoise is mined in Arizona, which is a solid stone and it ranges in color from royal blue to a light sky blue. It will be good for you to compare several pieces of turquoise side by side. Look at the color and texture, and select the piece you like best.

Turquoise is a classic gemstone that will add interest to any outfit. With such kind of wonderful stone, you can wholesale turquoise jewelry pieces such rings, bracelets, necklaces and so on. What you wholesale will be favored by the people of all ages, so that can bring large benefits to your business. Have a nice purchase experience!

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